There are open calls for:

  • Symposium
  • Presentations
  • Conversations
  • Workshops
  • Energy Maps – Closed Sat Oct 23rd 5pm 2010
  • Screening
  • Exhibition – Closed Fri Nov 5th 5pm

Exhibit Calls

ADA (Aotearoa Digital Arts) are hosting an exhibition and an outdoor screening event as part of the ADA 2010 Symposium held in Wanganui, New Zealand in December. These events are to encourage and showcase conversations between practitioners working in similar areas of research in different fields of practice using digital media. This framework references the work of Jack Burnham who curated Software, Information Technology: Its New Meaning for Art exhibition in 1970. The exhibition explored the convergence of art and technologies through the discovery of parallel structures in both spheres of practice and concepts of ‘system aesthetics’. In 2010 these congruences are all the more integral as we engage with the impact of energy and information on our planet.


ADA Symposium 2010, ENERGETICS & INFORMATICS, Exhibition
Proposals are sought from practitioners in the arts, IT, design, engineering and scientific disciplines whose work explores ENERGY, INFORMATION and SUSTAINABILITY. The submission may be a model, prototype, proposition, experiment or a finished piece in any media. Digital and analogue media are both encouraged as are interactive and collaborative works. Selected submissions will be showcased at the Federal Gallery, UCOL (Universal College of Learning) in Wanganui.

Proposal needs to provide documentation of the work(s) proposed, conceptual premise / proposition (200 words max), brief bio, materials, dimensions, installation and technical requirements. Please email your submission as a pdf and video work links to youtube or vimeo.


ADA Symposium 2010, ENERGETICS & INFORMATICS, Outdoor Screenings
Video works are sought from artists whose work explores ENERGY, INFORMATION and SUSTAINABILITY. Selected submissions will be screened on the Sarjeant Gallery facade during the ADA Symposium 2010 in Wanganui.

Email your submission as a pdf including conceptual premise for the work (200 words max), a brief bio and a link to your video work on youtube or vimeo.

Submission deadline: 5 November, 2010.
Selected works delivery deadline: 26 November, 2010.
ADA will provide gallery space, technical hardware and support including playback equipment, screens, etc. Transport and insurance of works must be provided by the artist.

The ADA Symposium 2010 exhibition and video screening are supported by UCOL, ADA, CNZ and the Wanganui District Council.


Symposium Calls

The 7th national Aotearoa Digital Arts symposium ENERGETICS and INFORMATICS will be held in Whanganui over the weekend of December 10-12, 2010. The symposium will include exhibitions at the Sarjeant Gallery and the Federal Gallery, a screening programme of outdoor projections, workshops, and public events around the river and city. We invite all ADA members, members of the broader arts community, and all other interested parties to attend and participate. More details on the programme, transport and accommodation for the symposium will be announced in mid October.

The major themes of this year’s symposium are energy and information in media art. The symposium will include curated conversations, workshops, artist presentations, remote participation by British artist Graeme Harwood, creator of Coal Fired Computers, presentations on “sound, smell, radio and the sun” by Australian artists David Haines and Joyce Hinterding and a special keynote by sound and electromagnetic art theorist Douglas Kahn.

This is a call for proposals for short presentations and workshops, and for participation in thematic conversations. The deadline for proposals is October 20th 2010.

Presentations (5 minutes)

The brief presentations will be an opportunity to share any bite-sized idea: a particular work, an aspect of your practice, a project idea, a concept, a research proposal, or anything in five minutes or less. Presentations can be illustrated with slides, video, audio or other media.

Proposal format: please send a 200 word outline of your proposed presentation and a 50 word biography to by 20 October. Please include ‘Presentation Proposal’ in the subject line of your email. There is the potential that these presentations will happen in rotating small groups (speed dating style!), please indicate if you would be interested in this format.

Friday Workshops (3 hours)

We are calling for people interested in preparing and running workshops based on existing themes (below), or new themes of your choice.

The length of the workshops may vary, but tasks will need to be able to be realised in under three hours. Workshop leaders will be provided with a small workshop fee. There is also the option for a small charge for participants to cover material costs within the workshop.

Proposal format: please send a 400 word outline of your workshop, a 50 word biography, a list of technical and material requirements, and the ideal number of participants to by 20 October. Please include ‘Workshop Proposal’ in the subject line of your email.


The main sessions of the symposium will be based on curated thematic conversations rather than papers or panel discussions. Conversations involve two or more people engaging in real-time on a shared theme. We are calling for expressions of interest in participating in one or more conversations based on these themes:

Media and Energy

– exploring the material of media, information and energy in digital arts.

Energy Networks

– new forms of energy production, distribution and storage, infrastructural critique and what art practice can do.

Social Energy

– participatory practice, DIY media, floss approaches, social networks as a medium for art.

Sustainable Media

– re-localised media, slow media, sustainable response to globalised arts practices.

Proposal format: please send a 200 word outline of your interest in the topic and a 50 word biography to by 20 October. Please include ‘Conversation proposal’ in the subject line of your email. Collaborative responses to the conversation format are also encouraged.

Energy Mapping

In keeping with the theme of this Symposium we are calling for projects that map the energy consumption of the symposium itself. These might involve real-time data collection, measurement and efficiency surveys. Proposal format: please send a 100 word outline of your interest in the topic and a 50 word biography to by 20 October. Please include ‘Mapping proposal’ in the subject line of your email. Collaborative responses are also encouraged.


If you have any other great ideas for a contribution please get in touch. (

Submission Deadline:Saturday 23rd Oct 2010

The 2010 ADA Symposium has been generously supported by Creative New Zealand, and the Whanganui City Council.