Following up from my presentations at the last ADA symposium in Dunedin I would like to provide a report on works completed at the Canaan Downs Festival 2007/2008 to demonstrate the general progress of my concepts around the creation of deep multi faceted environments.

Under the title of the .3rd Resistance “the Art of Revolution” we presented a multi faceted, multi layered performance work inside a music festival.

The .3rd Resistance performance was based on a manifesto and briefing document distributed via the web.  All performers, Djs, Vjs & tech crew for the .3rd Resistance were co-opted into a theatrical story line where the .3rd Resistance members were a freedom fighters caught in a time anomaly attempting to use the technological systems at the Festival to get back to the future.  While present in the festival timeline the .3rd Resistance were conduction experiments and gathering telemetry data.  The festival audience were also conscripted into the .3rd Resistance and were provided uniforms.

The performance involved three distinct performance/music areas, a roaming vehicle with sound amplification, festival wide FM broadcast and dispersed audio installations.

Simultaneous presentations included –

– Binge Culture Collective – impromptu interactive theater group from Wellington
– Arte Nomade – 3D Multi-screen DJ/VJ Artists from Argentina
– rotor plus – 6Ch electro acoustic audio installation
– KILL! CLUB – techno club brand chch
– 3rd Space Radio – festival wide FM broadcast & sound distrobution

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