A woman walking down an ally. A plaster alien mask is watching her.

DJ3D14 is an interactive video/robotics artwork in Anaglyph 3D (to be viewed with Red-Cyan glasses). The first in a collaborative series with Digital Art Live (The Edge and Colab) will be launched as part of the ADA Symposium in Auckland 12-14 September

A woman in a wig wearing sunglasses.The artwork takes real-time 3D footage from a robotic head, and splices it into a series of 3D video loops that display different visual environments – some scenes that are ‘real’ (and recognisably local), and some that are ‘fictional’ (tweaked excerpts from recognisable movies). The participants who are in the ‘line of sight’ of the cameras will see themselves superimosed, in 3D, into these different scenes.

Other participants will be able to interact too, operating arcade buttons to switch between the different scenes, to dictate which of the different visual environments will be seen at any given moment.

A masked figure with long hair, covered in lights.The real-time Anaglyph 3D facet of this artwork derives from a prior project that took place at one of the monthly Noir Desir dance parties in Wellington. At Noir Desir 3 (Oct 2013), a handbuilt robot took a real-time feed of the audience, with this footage mixed into other projected visuals (also in anaglyph 3D) at the dance party (see images below).

Noir Desir Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/NoirDesirNZ

http://vimeo.com/110274688 (DAL video documentation of the work and the opening)

Dr. Daniel James
Dan James (aka Dan Untitled) is an artist and curator based in Wellington.

His art career began at age ten, when he used to trapse down to the local teacherʼs college and sell pencil drawings of medieval knights to the trainee teachers there. Around the same time he fared well in a local colouring-in competition and won a yearʼs supply of fruit juice. In 2012, he graduated with a doctorate in Fine Arts, specialising in mashup performance.

Dan’s eclectic work has traversed performance, video, audio, web-based media and robotics. His live remix performances have been presented in contexts including Goldsmiths College (I Miss You, Great to See You Again, 2008), the Museum of Modern Art Oxford (Breakfast Party at my Studio, 2011), Open University of Catalonia (A Remixed Story of Stray Cinema, 2011), and the 48 Stunden Neukölln Arts Festival in Berlin (Channel, 2013, in collaboration with Daniela Gast).

Dan was a regular DJ on the popular Messed Up show on Radioactive.fm for three years, and he runs the visual crew for the legendary Noir Desir series of underground dance parties – known in part for integrating robotics with interactive video projections. Dan is also known for his curatorial work. He founded and piloted Museum of Modern Activity (a digital gallery in partnership with RadioActive.fm), curating 11 different exhibitions for the gallery in 2012. He also co-curated the 080808, 090909 and 101010 UpStage Festivals of cyberformance (in collaboration with Helen Varley Jamieson and Vicki Smith), with audiences, performers and venues in numerous different locations around the globe, reaching venues including Norsk Telemuseum (Oslo), ZKMax (Munich), the Museum of Science and Technology (Belgrade) and many more. He has curated a number of other independent digital art exhibitions in Aotearoa too.

He has an upcoming robotics work accepted for Prague Quadrennial 2015.