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Finding an Anchor in Digital Space: Sione Tuívailala Monū, Ming Ranginui + Connor Fitzgerald by Moya Lawson

The first image in the Instagram account @sione_has_doubts is a drawing. It’s rendered with brushes and pens in an iPad painter’s app and presents a self-portrait of the artist, Sione Tuívailala Monū, candidly glancing beyond the frame. Monū holds a cigarette in one hand and could be picking an eyelash off their cheek with the […]


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“The Matrix delivers BabyX: Simulation for the Next Five Minutes”

A round table discussion of critical simulation on both a global and local scale


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Raewyn Turner ~ Brian Harris Raewyn will introduce this and other works in her presentation of sensory architectures just before lunch. MOSS is part of a series of works reflecting on intuitive sensing augmented by devices created from the backyard for sensing changes in the atmosphere. Gavin Starks, the CEO of the ODI ( Open data […]