Raewyn Turner ~ Brian Harris

Raewyn will introduce this and other works in her presentation of sensory architectures just before lunch.

MOSS is part of a series of works reflecting on intuitive sensing augmented by devices created from the backyard for sensing changes in the atmosphere.

A finger touching moss.

Gavin Starks, the CEO of the ODI ( Open data Institute)  http://theodi.org/culture  writes:

‘In an age of data-driven decision-making, we are led to believe that data represents truth. Whose data and whose algorithms or interpretation are we trusting? Who wrote the algorithm? Who wrote the code? Who wrote the algorithm? What are the unexpected consequences of combining different data?’

If our decisions are shaped by these data and interpretations what can we employ to see the bigger picture, how can we see past the the algorithm? This is a cross-sensory work takes data from touch and remediates it.

A closeup of a finger touching moss.


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// http://www.raewynturner.co.nz/2011/09/4000-varieties-of-orange-raewyn-turner-brian-harris/

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