Launch Event: The Thursday Trader (dinner and a show) with E-Kare

6-7pm, Thursday, 7th September 2023

To celebrate the launch of The Thursday Trader by E-Kare, join us for a live-stream performance on the occasion. E-Kare and ADA Present: The Thursday Trader (dinner and a show) – a variety show like never before! Be wowed! Be inspired! Eat your dinner and be entertained! Jazz up your Thursday night. Be there2

Link to the E-Kare channel

E-Kare is an art x music collective, usually consisting of Gerrit Jos van Beek and Piupiu Maya Turei. The project was brought into the world in 2016, with an installation / gig / house party at their flat in Te Whanganui-a-Tara. Blooming Party featured the first E-Kare music set (Game Boy and SunVox) and two gaming stations – a PlayStation one with Spyro projected on the lounge wall and a computer in the landing next to the toilet. 

Since the inception of E-Kare, there has been a strong focus on three things – video game technology (particularly Nintendo handheld consoles), anti-capitalism and a hard core DIY vibe. Recent shows include: E-Kasino (2020) at the Blue Oyster Project Space, Dankfest (2020) promoted by Dance Happy Doom Crew at the Crown Hotel, E-Kare and Cream Puff present in the pit of eternal potential by Cream Puff and E-Kare (2021) as part of Tinyfest and Chaos Star Journeys Vol. 1 (2023) hosted / commissioned by Pyramid Club.