Robbie Pattinson

Idiospatium is a novel musical interface developed as an iteration in the field of artificial reverberation technologies. The work exists as an intermediary between the worlds of sound sculpture and musical interface design. Idiospatium takes audio from the analog electrical realm and performs an ‘acoustification’ on the audio through the use of an electromagnetic induction actuation system, and a set of twelve chromatically tuned idiophones; creating a reverberant harmonic field wherein the source material is induced into an acoustic space. This works to create a ‘loudspeaker-less’ electroacoustic system, the timbres of which are directly transferred from a combination of the material properties of the resonators and the content of the source material.

Artist Bio

Robbie Pattinson is a sound artist with a diverse practise branching into fields of sound sculpture, interface design, music production, engineering, and live performance. His works seek to bridge the gaps between these fields and create unique sonic landscapes through the use of novel electroacoustic systems. As a graduate of the Commercial Music (Hons) program at Massey University and a practising musician with an extensive background in live performance and sound engineering; he works to allow this background to seep into all aspects of his artistic outputs.