Tom Ludvigson

Poster with QR code, Interactive animated generative drawings

Tom Ludvigson’s interactiveGrid encompasses a poster with a QR code and an invitation to scan, linked to a Web page running interactive animated generative drawings of indefinite duration on viewers’ personal smartphone screens. Anyone can access the digital part of the artwork on any smartphone or tablet, by scanning the QR code with a photo app or other QR code scanner app. It shows a code-based interactive digital drawing that will run in real-time as an image sequence in any internet browser on any smartphone or tablet (or other devices). It was coded in P5.js, a JavaScript library for creative coding.

The generative artwork is linked by the QR code on the poster to this (my own) Web page. The piece runs separately on each device, each instance developing along a path responsive to touchscreen (or mouse) interaction. The on-screen drawings feature rectangles, with black, white and red circles in the centre. Multiple simultaneous individual versions of the artwork can run at the same time – one for each screen. New elements of the artwork keep being drawn at a rate of up to 30 frames per second, while older elements fade and disappear. Each viewer can control zoom and rotation during drawing for endless variation.

Artist Bio

Describing himself as a technology artist, Tom Ludvigson has worked as a composer, performer, and producer of images and music he has explored most dimensions of audiovisual art. Ludvigson designs virtual mathematical sculptures and environments and applies digital technology to the creation of video animation, and fine art prints.