Kinetic Sculpture, 2021

Reflect is a site-specific and environmentally responsive kinetic sculpture crafted for use primarily in outdoor installation contexts. The sculpture consists of a large rotating mirror which reflects and distorts images of the environment in which the sculpture is placed, driven by a solar-powered motor which allows the environmental conditions to determine its behaviour. Reflect has also been installed in an indoor gallery context with live audiovisual input, which situates it within traditional gallery infrastructure as well as without. In its documented outdoor installation, reflect moves beyond a traditional gallery environment by intertwining installation art with the natural world as we experience it in our everyday lives.

Artist Bio

Sabrina Lawson is an audiovisual artist and video jockey from Poneke, Aotearoa. Their work
lives at the intersection of installation, audiovisual and kinetic artworks and primarily explores
the spatialisation of still and moving image, both in a live music and creative technology