Finn Petrie

Motivated by the notion of material hermeneutics, what philosopher Don Ihde describes as the interpretative practices of scientific visualisation, Retipora (A Network of Pores) was an early experiment within my practice exploring shared existences between biologies and digital technologies. A cloud of data-points visualising a rock-face within Ross Creek (Ōtepoti) is pushed through space and time – perhaps a thin film between worlds. The cloud appears to breathe as the 3-dimensional data shifts in and out, falling back to its original form only for a differential moment.

Artist Bio

Finn Petrie is an interdisciplinary artist. Having trained in computer science and mathematics before training in visual arts, his work incorporates a multiplicity of materials and mediums. He is primarily concerned with ways of making with non-humans, and the agency that is borne out of the contact between technologies and non-humans. In this way, he questions post-human relationalities, and speculates on what might be a responsible use of technology.