Julianne Eason and Carl Pavletich

In this talk, Shades Arcade share backstories about and responses to a range of their digital artworks and interventions that challenge participants to question their interactions within indeterminate environments.

Works include the Lover and the Lookout, an unmanned follow spot that scans, detects and follows passersby. Playing a simple game of spotlight, the Lover and the Lookout quietly probes the conspicuous and inconspicuous sides of human nature.

Other works such as The Pompoms explore movement and materiality, and how people respond to works that mimic nature through digital technology.

In most cases, these highly experimental interactive interventions generate unexpected responses. In the case of Mother May I, a pre-programmed fortune-telling game had participants believing that the technology possessed the power to read their minds.

Like ethnographers, the artists become observers of the unpredictable nature of humans and our evolving relationship with digital infrastructures.

Artist Bios

Shades Arcade is a NZ based duo that create interactive installation works for clients and audiences, made up of the combined forces of Julieanne Eason and Carl Pavletich.

Julieanne’s artistic practice started in video and spatial design for theatre, while Carl hails from the design industry and Fab Lab community. Together they create immersive, interactive installation experiences made possible with the use of electronics, sensors, audiovisuals, 3d printing, Processing and Arduino.

Their works expand the scope of contemporary artistic design and creation by using new technologies intuitively and cleverly, highlighting the inherent performative potential of any space and material.