Tristan Bunn

uMantla (North) is a series of artworks created using a combination programming code, various ink pens, different papers, and a 2-axis plotter. The series follows the artist’s initial exploration (the uMzantsi series) into mathematical formulas for wave/ripple-like motion. In this iteration, Bunn focuses on combining wave motion with spherical/radial forms, employing a combination of Python code, his bespoke generative code editor project (thonny-py5mode), and vector graphics software. The artist here serves as a maker of something (a computer program) that makes things; the artist is a curator searching for particularly satisfying results, who may grant selected graphics an escape from the digital domain onto sheets of tangible paper.

Artist Bio

Tristan Bunn is a creative technologist and lectures at the College of Creative Arts of Massey University Wellington. His research explores the creative, experimental, and practical applications of interactive technology. Tristan Bunn recently published the book Learn Python Visually, an accessible, visual, and creative approach to teaching Python programming using the software literacy-focused Processing development environment.