Imagining and Generating Virtual Worlds – DOTDOT

Friday 24 May
13:00 – 16:00

TwoFiftySeven, Level 2, 57 Willis Street, Wellington Central

Experience level: Beginner – Intermediate. 

Equipment needed: Laptop

Learn how to use generative AI tools to create an online, interactive virtual world to present your artistic practice, research, or cultural experience within. 

In this 3 hour workshop you will become familiar with AI tools for generating images, video and sound, then use those tools to create a custom online virtual world for your own use. Some examples of AI models you can expect to use include;

  • Text to image
  • Image to image
  • Image to video
  • Text to sound

Instructors will also work with attendees to identify the most useful models for their desired artistic outcomes.

About the workshop instructors:

DOTDOT is an award-winning creative studio focused on generating impact through social and immersive experiences. Exploring the boundaries of technology, art and design, they create spaces that are memorable, playful, interactive and curious. 

As an accompaniment to the workshop DOTDOT will present an example world at the symposium – a virtual world developed using generative AI and inhabited by AI characters.