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Digital Anaesthetics by Tim Corballis

“It was not only the patient who was relieved from pain by anaesthesia. The effect was profound upon the surgeon.” [1] Susan Buck-Morss Anaesthesia is not only a medical tool. Long ago I read Susan Buck-Morss’s essay about anaesthetics, in which she characterised it as an aspect of aesthetics—an aspect, that is, of the sensory relations […]


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Tech Object Seminar: Arduino with Kim Newall

Held online, on the 15th October 2021, Kim Newall discussed Arduino’s controversial history and shares his experience working with this platform within his cross-disciplinary practice. As their complexity increases, the objects of technology that we use everyday become more and more mystifying to the average user. Most of us are able to competently operate our […]


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the [abc] experiment

Helen Varley Jamieson, Vicki Smith, Paolo Grippa and others, 2001
This project was an experiment in using the internet to bring remote performers into a theatre performance – not with web cams but using a graphical chat room & cartoonesque avatars.