Omar J. Drummond

For this year’s 2022 Symposium, Indeterminate Infrastructures, we were tasked with creating an installation piece that is meant to bring new light to ideas surrounding digital art and media, that can help engage with the public to create a better understanding of the digital world we live in.

The idea is to create a visual projected display on an hand built screen using both analogue and digital materials that showcases a time lapse film of artworks being constructed which will depict the harmful aspects of technology and social media.

The installation acts as a contrast between what we can accomplish using digital media such as Adobe Premiere Pro to create an engaging time lapse film. But also to spread awareness because the artworks will feature a variety of off putting imagery that will create an example of the affect that technology and social media platforms have progressively inflicted on different generations around the world.

A large screen connected with cords to 8 smaller screens