A man wearing pinstripes pointing at a projection.

Munich: Horst Konietzny (director/concept), Octavio Camargo & team; Brisbane: Suzon Fuks, James Cunningham, Helen Varley Jamieson, Scotia Monkivitch and team Skopje: Boris Petrovisky, Elena Veljanovska, Cveta Spasova Brighton: Claudia Kappenberg and Amy Cunningham and team Curitiba; Katia Horn and Stephany Mattano

2 days

Time Frame
several months in the planning & preparation. i think horst first contacted me in october 2007

Key Locations
Munich (as part of the 850th anniversary of the city, the event was screened in the Wittelsbacher Platz in central Munich); nodes in each of the following locations: Brisbane Australia, Brighton UK, Skopje Macedonia & Curatiba Brasil.

purpose-built web streaming platform that allowed for 5 web cams to appear on the same page, plus the audio from the 5 locations. For rehearsals, cueing etc we also used Skype, email, etc.

The concept was to create performances connecting public spaces in the 5 locations, building bridges & networks across the distances. The event in Munich was very public with hundreds of people passing through (there were also other things happening in the same area); in Skopje they were in a street in the city & in Curatiba they were in a park. We didn’t manage to get a public venue in Brisbane, so used an artists’ studio, & in Brighton they were in a room at the university. There were specified times for some events, which were semi-rehearsed & co-ordinated but also partly improvised.