A pixelated quadrant.


Screened at HTTP Gallery in London; concept by Annie Abrahams; performed by Antye Greie from Hailuoto Finland, Pascale Gustin from Paris France, Maja Kalogera from Madrid Spain and Helen Varley Jamieson from Wellington New Zealand

20 minutes

Time Frame
2 or 3 weeks, including rehearsals

Key Locations
London (screened at an exhibition opening at the HTTP Gallery); remote performers in Paris, Madrid, Hailuoto & Wellington

purpose-built web-streaming app that placed 4 web cam streams together on a screen, & annie could control the audio levels from each & positions of the cams.
Short Description

Each performer had been given a colour, & had 4 objects one of each of the colours. Our task was to perform sound whenever our colour appeared in someone’s web cam. We could choose which colour to show when, but we should try to listen to the piece, not to have one colour dominating, & not to show our selves. In the main rehearsal, it worked really well. In the performance itself, precisely when we started, i stopped getting both audio & video; annie was asking me in skype why i wasn’t starting on the queue, but i could see or hear nothing. so she fed me instructions via skype & i performed blind & deaf. apparently everyone could see & hear me, so that was good, & no-one guessed that i couldn’t see or hear anything. weirdly, as soon as the performance finished, everything started working again …