Finn Mitchell-Anyon, Sabrina Lawson

GameBeing is a new audiovisual experience in which material physicality and spatial expression are being combined through the lens of digital play.

An abstract image generated by audience movement via a webcam

Central to the work is a Nintendo GameBoy Advance; which not only represents a traditional interface for technology-centred play, but acts as one of the driving forces which generates the audio and disrupts the visuals in response. Motion is sensed from the audience via a webcam which uses movement to generate visuals through an algorithm built in TouchDesigner. The same movement captured by the webcam also manipulates the sound in direct response to the motion of each audience member.

GameBeing seeks to create a hybrid of procedurally-generated story and play with motion-controlled physical and spatial expression from an audience, developing an audiovisual narrative encapsulating both material technology and physical movement within a space – transcending the limits of play typically imposed by the use of traditional video game equipment.

A floating laptop and a projection of digital movement patterns on a wall