Todd Cochrane PhD & Stefan Hanspach

An intervention project for a modern crypto-currency in a physical device, for payments between individuals

This “Financial-ista” intervention in the sense of “autonomia operaia” (Pizzolato, 2017), identifies with societal movement towards currency independence. In a world where banks continue to make record profits, despite downturn in the economies. One stream of income for banking institutes, is from digital payments systems, that accumulates to a “big clip”, out of and for every transaction. A reaction to that profiteering is to make use of digital crypto-currency based on automated trust, that removes the influential banker. However, crypto-currency as a traded commodity is subject to big money influencers, for example when Tesla accepted the Bitcoin cryptocurrency as a form of payment the value of Bitcoin went up, and then dropped when Tesla then retracted the use of cryptocurrency for payment the value of the currency went down (see Elon Musk, 2021). Further-more, digital crypto-currency still requires a supporting institute that in-turn can “clip” the transaction.

Doblón is a physical device, for transactional exchange. There is no digital electronic or any connection with a network to verify the transaction. Inspired by the Antukythera Mechanism (Freeth et al., 2021) from about 80 BC, and the Mexican-Spanish dollar as a standard currency of exchange (Andrew, 1904).

Doblón implements modern crypto-currency in a physical device, for payments between individuals,removing any other clipping of the ticket. As an intervention Doblón returns value to the negotiated transaction, liberating the participants from the drudge of on-going manipulation by third-parties.

A diagram showing a prototype of the Doblon

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