Surveillance Cradle Tests
Erica Sklenars
Storm Channels
28, 29, 30 July, 2017

A woman holding a balloon sculpture. A woman holding a balloon sculpture on an empty road. A balloon on a string with trees in the background. A woman holding a balloon sculpture. A group of people watching a balloon. A balloon and power lines. A balloon sculpture inside a room. A woman tinkering with a balloon. A man playing a guitar. A balloon with a projection in the background. A laptop on a table.
Photos: Jon Keyzer

Video: Liam Hoffman

Surveillance Cradle Tests is a series of reflective mylar helium sculpture experimentations based on works from Sklenars’ 2017 Red Gate Gallery residency in Beijing. Surveillance Cradle Tests appears throughout Storm Channels streaming live to the Storm Channels event website.

Erica Sklenars is a Dunedin-based artist who works predominantly in the mediums of performance and video, creating both solo performative video art, and collaborative audio-visual performance installation.