Build your own Magnetti – A Pocket Magnetic Field Receiver
DIY Electronics Workshop with Brett Ryan
29th July, 2017
The Anteroom
29 Wickliffe Tce, Port Chalmers

A group of people watching a man at a desk. Two people at a desk. A man talking to a group of people. A man wearing headphones. A man talking to a group of people. Various people at desks. A soldering iron. Two men talking to each other. A computer chip. A man wearing a beanie at a desk. Three people at a desk. People at a desk tinkering with tools. Someone working at a desk. A man wearing glasses at a desk. A man at a desk. Pamphlets on a desk. An entranceway with posters on the walls. Paint on a fence.
Photos: Jon Keyzer

Video: Liam Hoffman

Have you been itching to explore the hidden wonders of the electromagnetic field but are concerned with the health risks of magnet implants? Now you can forgo the surgery and weave yourself into the web of wiggling charge by building the Magnetti – a pocket magnetic field receiver. The Magnetti designed by Brett Ryan consists of a coil of wire to pick up the fields, a receiver amplifier to boost the little wiggles, and a headphone amplifier so you can get out and explore.

This workshop covered:
– Learning how to use and care for a soldering iron
– An introduction to common components used in all electronic devices.
– Building your very own Magnetti to sonify the blips n whistles, hums n crackles, skarks n whoops, and pekwarks hiding in the aura of your electronic devices.
– Learn about and experiencing magnetic fields by experiencing them.

Brett Ryan is an electronic engineer who designs assisted breathing machines for hospitals by day and experiments with electronic sounds by night. He is always looking to make improvements to the world around him and as such broken or malfunctioning objects are a point of fascination and inspiration. For the past 3 years he has been designing workshops with the aim of giving people a taste of electronics to build confidence and inspire people to delve deeper.

The Anteroom is based in an ex-Masonic Lodge in Koputai Port Chalmers. As a non profit art project space we are motivated by collaboration, process and being an active part of the community.