Re:mote International Festival of Remoteness

A man speaking into a microphone.

Adam Hyde, Zita Joyce, Adam Willetts, Honor Harger (Organisers), Tetsuo Kogawa, Sean Cubitt, Steven Kovatts, Graham Smith, Sophea Lerner, Tennis, James Stevens, Sally Jane Norman, David Metcalfe, Sneha Solanki, Helen Varley Jamieson, Vicki Smith, Zina Kaye, Phil Dadson, Trudy Lane, Caroline McCaw, Ian Clothier, Eu Jin Chua, Paul Woodruffe (presenters)

Duration: One day, Saturday March 19, with transmitter building workshop on March 20.

Time Frame: Sept 2004 – March 2005.

The physical conference went from 10am to 6:30pm or so, the remote contributors were beaming in from all different kinds of times.
Key Locations

Lecture Theatre, Elam School of Fine Arts, remote presenters’ own homes (Rotterdam, Helsinki, London, Harihari, Sydney, Newcastle (UK), Brussels)

Quicktime stream, Realplayer, Skype (for incoming streams), dvd (Tetsuo’s presentation slides), irc (for chat and remote participation), mp3 (audio stream out), mini DV (video documentation), digital camera (photos), ibook (making and updating website (using Mozilla html editor and ftp) during the day), UpStage, Adam Hyde’s campervan (for meetings + carrying beer).
Short Description

re:mote: auckland was the first in a series of one-day experimental festivals, bringing together new media art practitioners and theorists from Europe, Japan, Australia and New Zealand to discuss the theme of remoteness and technology.

re:mote: auckland featured on-site, online and pre-recorded presentations analysing the way that digital technologies can augment collaborations across geographical and cultural distance. Artists and commentators from London, Newcastle, Helsinki, Rotterdam and Sydney gave presentations of their work via live video stream to an audience in Auckland. Presenters from around New Zealand also attended in person to share their work. re:mote is to be an ongoing series of events, which will take place at locations around the world. re:mote: auckland was the global premiere of this series.

re:mote explores questions like: what does it mean to be remote in an electronic art world? Are there ‘centres’ and ‘peripheries’ within a world increasingly bridged, criss-crossed and mapped by digital technologies? Can technologically mediated communication ever substitute for face-to-face dialogue? Is geographical isolation a factor in contemporary art production? Is remote a relative concept?

The keynote presentation was from Japanese artist, radio pioneer, and lecturer, Tetsuo Kogawa, who travelled to Auckland especially to present at re:mote, on the topic of technology and the body. He also performed with and demonstrated micro fm transmission.