Big Data Bastelstunde

Birgit Bachler shows us creative ways with the Big Data Bastestunde

A woman writing at a desk.

Birgit Bachler,  who created the wildly popular Di4l09 network for the 2013 ADA Symposium in Dunedin, brings her code crafting skills to Auckland to share an aspect of her recent exhibition Copy Wildly.

Big Data Bastelstunde (“Big Data Craft Hour”) is a one hour workshop exploring the art of generating wall paper patterns from open data sets.

Birgit is an artist and coder with a background in information design states. She finds it quite appalling that wallpaper nowadays does not carry any deeper layer of meaning, and is solely being designed for decorative purposes. Her Big Data Wall Fillers are an attempt to make abstract datasets more accessible for domestic use, by processing them into decorative wall paper.

Birgit will bring datasets she has worked with and invites participants to bring their own datasets. During the workshop will introduce ways to use the programming environment Processing to render abstract spreadsheets into nifty patterns for home decor.

Participants should bring a sketchbook and their own laptop and possibly install Processing ( beforehand. Coding experience is a plus but not required to participate in this workshop.