Panel: Performing the City

Sunday 14 Sept <10.30am>

Chair ~ Dan Dixon

Becca Wood  – Artist, Choreoauratics
Carol Brown & Russell Scoones – Artists Rituals of Place and Sound fields
Tracey Benson – Artist, Finding the Ghosts of K-Road

5-10 minutes presentation each then facilitated discussion.

This panel explores the poetics of respons(ability) through works that performs the city through headphonic-led urban encounters and an augmented walk amongst ghostly relics.

If our ability to come together is one of the most pressing issues of this milieu, this panel asks how we might create situations that foster new modes of interconnectedness and enable a receptivity to difference, the invisible and the lost?

Carol Brown questions how events of encounter might be conceived as ‘living rituals’ that activate an alternative ‘taking place’ through headphonic-led ambulatory performance.

Becca Wood discusses choreoauratics, a performance practice that prioritises listening prosthetically as a politic for recovery and attunement to the disappearing.

Russell Scoones discusses his experiences of harvesting and disseminating sound fields as part of urban choreographic encounters.

Tracey Benson reflects on giving a stranger’s tour of a city, as journey of discovery for both artist and audience.