Remembering its roots at the first Internet Gateway in New Zealand (way back in 1989) Waikato University is proud to host the one day Aotearoa Digital Arts Symposium: New Media in New Zealand on Tuesday August 5th.

Who are we? How did we get here? Where are we going?

ADA will be a working conference involving new media artists, critics and curators. We’ll be looking at critical questions of resourcing, education and practice.We’re in the planning stages now, and would love to hear any suggestion you may have for participants and key questions for discussion. We’re keeping it local (while working on the odd international visitor and web conference). The focus is to connect people within New Zealand and Kiwis working internationally.

What are we trying to achieve? Our aim is to subject all those smart country – wired hinterland – knowledge wave notions that waft around discussions of cultural and economic policy to some hardcore questioning. We want to build on existing national networks and to help foster a sense of shared purpose. We want to gather the strands of criticism and practice. And have fun throwing some ideas around.

In preparation we’re setting up an archived discussion where we hope some of these conversations will start to occur.

Stella Brennan
Sean Cubitt