The First ADA Symposium: Programme

An abstract illustration.
One of the main aims for the symposium is for people to meet each other and get talking, so the plan is to have some questions that we address, either together or in breakaway interest groups. We can see what works best on the day. We’ll probably have no more than three groups working concurrently, all in the same room (so people can circulate if they want to). There will be laptops available to document discussions. The aim for the end of the day is to develop a document, a manifesto, a five point plan for the development of the Digital Arts in New Zealand. The questions we’ve got are pretty much the ones we put to the list initially. They’re a starting point, so if you’ve got something to add or change – great!

1. Definition
Who are we? What individuals and institutions are involved?
Is it useful to articulate a discrete space in NZ for new media art?
If so, who should we do the articulating to?
What will define that space? Given that a sizeable community doesn’t yet exist, do we create it by fiat, proclaiming, “We are new media art and you should let us decide”?

2. Resourcing
What resources, training and critical climate do we need do we need to
build the digital arts in Aotearoa?
What evidence will we be able to provide that there is a need to
support new media art?
Will that evidence convince the agencies and audiences we are seeking
support from, is it intelligible to them in their terms?
How can we put this into effect?

This is linked to discussion about promotion and communication to a wider audience:

3. Positioning
What are the relative importance of local and global activities?
What lessons we can learn from overseas?