“Postcards for Garland Briggs”
Artist Pages from The Aotearoa Digital Arts Reader, ed. Brennan and Ballard, 2008.

Aaron and Hannah Beehre, Postcards for Garland Briggs, 2007, digital print on linen, LCD projection, gilt frame. Aaron and Hannah Beehre give us an image of a haunted forest clearing layered with clues, mystery and nervous fireflies. As the Log Lady explains in David Lynch’s Twin Peaks, “There are clues everywhere, all around us. But the puzzle maker is clever. The clues, although surrounding us, are somehow mistaken for something else. And the something else, the wrong interpretation of the clues, we call our world. Our world is a magical smoke screen. How should we interpret the happy song of the meadowlark or the robust flavour of a wild strawberry?” (http://www.glastonberrygrove.net/texts/). Not quite a velvet painting and certainly not a screensaver, Postcards for Garland Briggs introduces us to the virtualised world found in the spaces between the screen and the canvas. Like us, Garland Briggs, Twin Peaks’ secretive Airforce Officer, would be determined to find the source of the exotic flickering beauty inhabiting the dense forests of Fiordland. (Su Ballard, 2008)

A forest with glowing white orbs.

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