Performance Evening – Josh Bailey, Emele Ugavule, Lisa Samuels

Friday, 24 May

19:30 – 21:00

Vogelmorn Community Precinct

The performance evening will present a program of co-performed and delegated works across music, movement, theatre and performance poetry. Featuring works from artists: Josh Bailey, Lisa Samuels, and Emele Ugavule

Josh Bailey’s work SID Code experiments with live visuals and audio generated from a Commodore 64 computer under the control of dynamically generated machine code. The work not only uses machine learning to generate new performances but automatically credits the influence of composers, and extends the approach to other means of music composition, production and instrumentality.

Poet Lisa Samuels considers language to be already artificial intelligence and its relational tethers with us to be poly-reflexive. For her, language is a being with rights to be in all its potential. Language can thrive with expansive attention to its intake-output arrays, including to its other-than-semantic performance registers in simultaneities of sound. Her performance, Lingual Acoustic Interbody, will weave motion sensitive acoustic technology with the spoken voice.

Tokelauan Fijian storyteller Emele Ugavule presents an excerpt from her recent theatre work Toe fai! (meaning ‘Do it again’ in Gagana Tokelau) commissioned by Arts House (Naarm/Melbourne, Australia) for the Biennial Live Event of the Everyday Digital. Toe Fai! looks at the ways our memories betray us and imagines a future where our descendants cannot visualise their inheritance.  Through verbatim storytelling and monologue, Emele Ugavule weaves together a narrative that asks ‘what are the implications of AI technology enabling procedural memory to dissolve for Tokelauan peoples?’ and ‘How do Tokelau peoples locate themselves without procedural memory?’ bringing together stories across generations, choreographed by movement artist Amy Zhang and original music by Jane Stark.