At Refinery ArtSpace 18-25 September 2022

Play Pen is an explorative place-making game that playfully seeks to engage community in creating solutions to adapting Whakatū / Nelson’s urban environment to future impacts.

The scenography of the game is within the enclosing hills of the central Nelson area. Players are orientated within wall mounted printed maps that invite a sense of approaching Whakatū / Nelson from seaward.

The playable area of the installation is an abstraction of the local urban environment providing a navigable scale for constructing ways to respond to the impending pressures for the current built environment

Play Pen will be installed at Refinery ArtSpace from 18-25 September, alongside the Women in Architecture exhibitions. These works feature as part of the Aotearoa Digital Arts (ADA) Symposium Indeterminate Infrastructures; objects, signals and architectures.

Play Pen has been created by Rachel Dodds, Stephanie Phillips & Lyn Russell
The team acknowledges the influence of Hand Eye Society (Toronto, Canada) for sharing their brilliant zine Six for Bricks part of the Game Curious programme. Thanks Hand Eye Society!
Associated events will be announced soon