Larisse Hall

We wake and sleep to the rhythm of time and light. It is the basis of existence. Directing routine and daily rituals.

Fusing the ethereal quality of LED light with the materiality of paint and form, l use light, our most primal time ‘tool’, as both medium and time reference. Contemplating societal every days and taken for granted nuances, my light infused, time trans formative ‘paintings’, highlight the ephemeral nature of presence. Endorsing time as our most precious commodity.

‘Surprise’ capture’s the ephemeral act of spontaneous mark making in paint. Archived, this mark becomes past, in our future. Identifying our present actions and their potential longevity.

Time trans-formative, the tangible physical forms of ‘surprise’, exist as paintings by day. Paradoxically, as it darkens, they transform. Illuminating. The appearance of the painted surface morphs beyond the paint, into something ethereal and intangible. The colour and energy of light emanating to intangibly extend the ‘painting’ beyond the form, to ’embrace’ the viewer. Living and breathing in their own time.

Acknowledging, time is a constant yet not an infinite resource.
Our actions today, impact beyond our now.

This endorses the whakatauki:
‘Manaaki whenua. Manaaki taangata. Haere whakamua.’
(Care for land. Care for people. Go forward.)

The artwork Time Is A surprise by day
The artwork Time Is A surprise by night


Based in Nelson, New Zealand, Hall recently won the Arte Laguna (Italy) 16 / 21-22 Special Prize. An Artist Residency / Exhibition at Espronceda in Barcelona, Spain.

Captivated by light and the potential use of its colour, energy and time associations, when she exhibited her first light installation in 2014. Hall committed to a year of experimentation, before producing her first successful light infused ‘time painting/ sculpture’. Her light sculpture ‘Flirt’ was long listed in the Aesthetica Art Prize, England (2015). In 2018, Hall had work selected to exhibit digitally internationally, as a finalist in Art Takes SOHO 2018 (See.Me) and Art Takes Miami 2018 (Scope See.Me). She has been a full time artist since 2008, tutoring part time at NMIT since 2015.