1. The work of Jordana Bragg aims to reclaim the fraught space in which we mitigate the politicisation of our bodies. The body is central to her work, because even online the female body is not free or without implication.

    October 07, 2015
  2. Phil Dadson’s exploration of the incredibly dry and arid region of Chile creates a beautifully hypnotic and evocative meditation on the foundational forces of nature.

    September 08, 2015
  3. A collaborative work between artist collective Hubbub and Georgia Shattky that uses the ‘data moshing’ to enable audiences to manipulate and interact with a video work called “Glass in my mind”

    August 23, 2015
  4. Custom software tracks the movement of the eye across the screen, leveraging advertising mechanics while moving from commodified quantification to abstracted aesthetization. This first series comprises responses to works by Gretta Louw. Related posts: Processing the Robot: Toby Collett Asleightofhand … Glass In My Mind Contribute

    November 28, 2014
  5. Combining the kaupapa of tukutuku with that of the QR code, Pattern Recognition is a collaboration between artists Vicki Smith (Harihari / S.V.Kiritea) and Aroha Timoti-Coxon (Hokitika, Te Runaka o Makaawhio, Ngati Waewae, Ngai Tahu) funded by the Intercreate Research Centre.

    October 21, 2014
  6. SSID_Exquis wireless network auditing hardware and software, public web interface (dimensions variable) Walter Langelaar, 2014 SSID_Exquis is a gamified exercise in collaborative poetry, manifested in WiFi. Its participants can publicly broadcast wireless network names, or SSIDs, by contributing to a collectively assembled list. From this list a series of wireless LAN beacon frames is generated […]

    August 29, 2014